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When you tell a dog to “fetch the stick” and brings he a tree branch.

This is Buddy. He’s been staying with us over the Holiday season. And what a character that he is! He’s basically still a puppy and has a lot of energy. That’s great when it comes to our daily morning walks which are offered to all dogs that stay with us (check out Dog Sitting). Buddy needs regular exercise (and so do I … shush). Our regular walks have been awesome to keep this big boy happy and unstressed.

But other things are important to keep him (and every dog) physically and mentally healthy.

So what I love to do in the afternoons (and when the weather allows me) is play fetch with them. We have a huge front and back yard areas where the dogs can run around and play all they want.

Buddy here is no different and he loves to play fetch. However, he can carry a much bigger weight than my tiny little boys Rocky, Wookie and Jack.

So, next time I play “fetch the stick” with Buddy, I need to remind myself to explain to Buddy the difference between a stick and a tree branch, or I’ll end up with something like what you see in this video inside my house every time.

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