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Tag: dog pool party

And the fun continues thanks to this beautiful and warm summer weather! We had old comers and one new guest Mel, who’ll be joining us at Day Care 🙂 On Friday, we all went for a 4 km walk along Pegasus wetland track and Pegasus Lake. Then, a throw the ball game which Jack loves. Saturday, we had Mel and she is, like her mum calls her, a social butterfly! She got along great with my boys and our guests Louie, Luke and Macca. After our walk in Silverstream Village, we had......

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Rocky's Summer Camp 2019!

Pool party today in this beautiful summer weather! A great way to cool off after we’d just come back from a long walk. Tossing a ball and playing chase. Everything that dogs love. And Rocky chills out under the outdoor table. Pool party and dog-treat-filled ice blocks today to cool off! The dogs had to work out how to get the treats out. It’s an excellent mental exercise to get them unstressed. Jack was more interested in trying to get the little ball out of the pool. The ball gets filled with......

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