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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions are to guarantee that we offer the best dog care services.

Rocky & Co. Pet Care is a serious and responsible dog care service provider. We are covered by SmartPAK Public Liability insurance that is an extra guarantee from us to our furry friends that they are being looked after with all the love and care we can offer.

Since we keep dogs with us at all times and together with our own dogs Rocky, Wookie & Jack, we ask that our customers agree and comply with the following terms before making a booking.

We only take dogs that have been properly socialised. We are not dog trainers! We expect those dogs that are staying with us to have good socialisation skills. They cannot be aggressive towards people or towards dogs. And we must guarantee the health and safety of our own dogs as well as our clients’. Therefore, the dogs we take under our care must:

⇒ Be neutered if older than 8 months old;

⇒ Have their vaccination certificate up to date (within the last 11 months). We will not accept a dog without the vaccination card.

⇒ Dogs must be wormed 1 (one) week before coming to our care.

We reserve the right to:

⇒ Remove a dog that barks persistently and returned to their owner or agreed emergency contact (last resort!);

⇒ Separate a dog from the group if it is to guarantee the smooth operation of our facility.

⇒ Make the proper arrangements for any dogs that are left in our premises for more than 7 (seven) days past the due pick-up date and we have not heard from their owner or designated emergency contact.

All cancellations will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

We’re about making dogs happy and giving peace of mind to their humans!