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What we Offer



Rocky & Co. Pet Care is serious about offering a safe place for dogs. We have SmartPAK Insurance that protects all dogs under our care.

Plus, CCTV access to all dog owners so they can see what their fur babies are up to during the day.
>> We welcome visits to meet us, our dogs and check out our setup.



There are great benefits of regular dog walks:
> to keep you dog healthy and fit;
> to reduce anxiety and destructive behaviours that arise when the dog is bored or lonely;
> dog walks are a great way to socialise your dog too! They will learn to bond and trust humans and other dogs;
>> Dog walks also help dogs to become less reactive to some stressful noises (e.g. cars, trucks) and to other humans and dogs

If you don't have time to walk your dog, WE CAN HELP! We can walk your dog so you'll get home from work to a happy dog ready to enjoy your company in a relaxed way.


From $25.50 for up to 1 hr walk (GST inclusive).

*price may vary depending on location. Please contact us for more information.

**Pick-up/drop-off included.



We offer a fun & safe place for your dog to spend the day while you're at work. The dogs have 663 m2 of completely fenced-off area to play and to rest. No kennels! We believe that day care is about socialisation and education, where dogs get stimulated at all levels so you can get home to a relaxed, calm, and happy dog by the end of the day.
> Dog walks included.
> We have plenty of dog beds and a dog play house in the backyard with mattresses inside as an extra place for dogs to relax.
> CCTV access to all dog owners so they can see what their furry babies are up to during the day.
> We welcome visits to meet us and see our setup. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
> Dog Day Care is offered Monday - Friday, from 7AM to 6PM.


$27.00/day per dog. GST INCLUSIVE
$ 10.00+GST for every extra dog of the same owner.

>> special prices to regular clients. Please contact us for information.


We offer the family experience!
The dogs stay with us in our own house and with our super friendly dogs Rocky, Wookie and Jack. We're not a kennel!
Our guests are free to walk and play around the property any time.
And at night-time, they sleep in our lounge on any of our several dog beds.


Small to Medium-sized Dogs (up to 10 kg): $34.50/day

Medium-sized dogs (10 – 18 kg): $37/day

Large Dogs (> 18kg): $40/day

$ 15.00+GST per extra dog of the same owner.
*Depending on availability (we can only have a maximum of 2 large dogs per day).

>> all our prices are GST inclusive.

Small pets: $20/day
(e.g. bunnies, hamsters, guinea pigs)

Here's what some of our clients say

Beverley Sunderland
Beverley Sunderland

So glad I heard about Anna and Rocky and Co Pet Care. Lockie loves going out there and Anna knows how to spoil him and all the dogs that she looks after. Special place! Thanks Anna. 😍🐕🐕‍🦺🦮

Clare Priest
Clare Priest

we have been taking amber here for last last month or so as she didn’t like her last day care, she now jumps into the car on day care days and comes home a happy dog soooo pleased we found out about rocky & co they really care about the animals, highly recommend

Michelle Leman
Michelle Leman

You’ve been amazing Anna and it’s been beautiful to see Jax have such a great time with you and your dog family. It’s funny to see how tired he is after a day with you and the other dogs - he’s knackered 🤣. Thank you!!