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We Are

Anna & Blair have been dog-sitting since 2014. What started as a pass-time has grown to a passion for dog care. Rocky, Wookie and Jack are Anna & Blair’s friendly dogs. They have all been adopted (Rocky in 2010, Wookie in 2015 & Jack in 2017). Their love for animals doesn’t stop at dogs though. Anna & Blair have a small property in Clarkville where they raise rescued chickens and sheep.



We at Rocky & Co. Pet Care offer our furry guests a compassionate 24/7 care in a home environment. We are not a kennel!

Every guest stays with us in our own house and with our three little dogs: Rocky, Wookie and Jack. Our property is completely fenced off to offer a secure area of just over 800 m2 for all dogs.

Our dog-sitting and dog daycare services include regular daily walks to keep your dog exercised and fit because we want you to have a relaxed dog by the time you take him home with you.

At night time, they can sleep on any of our several dog beds, beanbags and couches in our living room.

With plenty of grassed area, the dogs have a huge space to play and socialise with other friendly dogs. We assess every new furry client’s behaviour before we accept them into the group. This is why we only look after a limited number of dogs at one time to make sure that we can offer the best care and our full attention to each dog.

Rocky & Co. Pet Care is the homestay for your dog. We like to say that our home is your dog’s second home, and it’s part of our mission to give dog owners the peace of mind they need when they’re away from their furry babies.

So, get in touch and schedule a Free Play Date to meet us and our dogs! We will be delighted to show you and your dog around!

What separates us

from the pack

  • Qualified, Caring and experienced dog-sitter with a Pet First Aid Certificate
  • 24/7 Homestay Care, no medication surcharge (ideal for senior dogs or dogs that require special care – e.g. on medication)
  • Insured & Background Checked
  • Free access to our CCTV while your dog is our guest
  • No holiday surcharges
  • Dogs stay in a home environment; no kennels.
  • Every dog is thoroughly assessed (health and behaviour) before being accepted to our care for the safety and satisfaction of all our clients.
Ruby dog lying on the couch.
Ruby comes to daycare (a big thank you to Ruby's humans Hayley & Jay!)

Bud! Who ate the plastic bag?

Oh, Murphy <3

This is Murph (or Murphyyy if you want to get his attention). He comes to daycare every week. He’s just so cute and fluffly!! We love having him around. #toocute #cutedogsofinstagram #fluffywhitedogs #dogdaycare #dog #dogcareservices

Koda turns 1 today and we’re celebrating!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KODA! 🎉🎉🎉We are so happy to be celebrating your first birthday with you. 🎁I met you when you were just a 6-month-old pup and we are so lucky to have you with us since then!You make all of us so proud! You’re a gentle goofy big boy who’ll always be welcome to our house and our animalfamily forever.Thank you Anna McAlpine and Travis Hodgkinson for trusting Koda to our care. We love this boy 💖