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Tag: New Zealand

Weekend delight

Weekend delight with all these doggies! What a treat it was to have all these dogs with us! Mel, our regular client who comes every Friday and stays until Saturday, this time stayed all the way to Monday so her mom and dad could go on a short trip over the weekend. Shelby, the black bull-breed dog, is a sweetheart. She’s full of energy, but very gentle when it comes to playing with smaller dogs. Mel and Shelby had a blast together. And by night time, they both crashed and slept all......

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A walk along the NCF Reserve in Kaiapoi's Red Zone

Today’s morning walk was along the Kaiapoi Red Zone where there’s now a beautiful park/reserve called NCF Reserve (sorry, I have no idea what NCF stands for – please feel free to write under the “comments” if you do!). It’s one of my favorite spots in Kaiapoi to take the dogs to. But please keep your dogs under control because of the wildlife. There’s a lake where you see all sorts of birds, and they do come up on the lawn to sunbathe. So, last thing you’d want is for your dog......

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To provide a Safe place for all Dogs & Peace of mind to their humans. Blair is setting up the cameras so our clients’ parents (or owners as you will) can see what their babies are up to when they stay with us! Isn’t it cool? Our clients’ happiness and safety are above everything else, and giving peace of mind to their humans is our motto. Stay tuned for more updates! Our clients will need an app (Hik-Connect App on their phones. All FREE!!!) to access the cameras which are being placed......

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