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Weekend delight

Weekend delight with all these doggies!

What a treat it was to have all these dogs with us!
Mel, our regular client who comes every Friday and stays until Saturday, this time stayed all the way to Monday so her mom and dad could go on a short trip over the weekend.
Shelby, the black bull-breed dog, is a sweetheart. She’s full of energy, but very gentle when it comes to playing with smaller dogs. Mel and Shelby had a blast together. And by night time, they both crashed and slept all night long.

Mel and Shelby asleep after a day of running around the backyard, digging holes and playing tug-of-war.

We had Odie and his new sister Missy on Saturday at day care. Odie has stayed with us before, and it was Missy’s first time to hang out with my boys.

Days like these are priceless! Having all these dogs around, puppies and oldies, they all bring this amazing positive energy to our lives. The least I can offer is to make them as comfortable and safe as possible while they’re away from their owners.​

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