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Tag: morning walks with the dogs

A walk along the NCF Reserve in Kaiapoi's Red Zone

Today’s morning walk was along the Kaiapoi Red Zone where there’s now a beautiful park/reserve called NCF Reserve (sorry, I have no idea what NCF stands for – please feel free to write under the “comments” if you do!). It’s one of my favorite spots in Kaiapoi to take the dogs to. But please keep your dogs under control because of the wildlife. There’s a lake where you see all sorts of birds, and they do come up on the lawn to sunbathe. So, last thing you’d want is for your dog......

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Sunday walk with 9 dogs - a record for me!

We took our guests for a long walk through Silverstream Village in Kaiapoi. What a great bunch they were, enjoying the nice sunny weather and the sights, for it was the first time in that location for some of them. I loved the surprise look in people’s faces and their amazement at how behaved they all were. I also enjoyed the company of my handsome Blair Grierson who was also the photographer of the day. A nice change in the way I look in pictures, which are mostly out-of-angle selfies with the......

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